Event Organizing

GVManagement organizes for the customer:

  • the production and organization of live theatrical performances, concerts, performances of operas or ballets and other theatrical productions;

  • fashion shows;

  • costumes and make-up for such shows


GVManagement, in agreement with the Customer, identifies and manages:

  • location (choice, inspection, reservation, security)

  • accomodation (choice, inspection, reservation, security)


GVManagement, in agreement with the Customer, manages:

  • parking and transport (shuttles, car rental)

  • catering-catering service (choose the service, coordinate it)

  • safety (fire-fighting, ambulances, first-aid service)

  • visibility on the Internet platform (website, address list, web marketing)

  • marketing (advertising in newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, brochures, flyers, etc.)


GVManagement, in agreement with the Customer, coordinates:

  • personnel (events manager, hostess, secretary, commercial, photographers, sponsors, etc.)

  • artistic staff (singers, choir, teachers, etc.)

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