Federica Badalini, pianist and composer

Federica Badalini, pianist and composer, graduated in piano at the N. Paganini conservatory in Genoa under the guidance of Mº Anita Porrini (pupil and assistant of Mº Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli).

She graduated in aesthetic philosophy at ‘Università Statale di Milano’ with a thesis entitled "the musical form in Balthasar", supervisor Stefano Zecchi.

Later she studied jazz with Mº Sante Palumbo with whom she also performed in a concert for two pianos entitled 'Concert for two pianos, from classical music to jazz'.


In 2006 she took part as a pianist in the TV show of books, art and culture 'Ali di Carta' on Telenova, conducted by Cesare Cadeo.


Since 2013 she has collaborated as a pianist with the Hotel Milano Scala.


She also collaborates with the Italian Cineteca for composing and plaiyng the soundtrack of silent movies , that she has toured throughout Italy with various chamber ensembles.


As solo pianist, she offers a personal program ranging from classical to jazz, from film soundtracks to her original compositions with a selection of songs aimed at sometimes drawing a romantic and elegant atmosphere, sometimes characterized by an intense charge and energy.


She plays in jazz trio (piano, voice and double bass) proposing a refined and versatile repertoire, revisiting with an exclusive sound, in which jazz blends with Federica's classic extraction, musical genres such as swing, bossanova, tango up to get to the most famous pieces of modern jazz and Italian music.


She also plays in piano duo with her sister Francesca Badalini proposing a program dedicated to the most beautiful soundtracks in the history of cinema revisited by them for four-handed piano, previewed in Malta in 2010 at the National Theater of la Valletta.

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